Nose Surgery (Rhinoplasty)


Rhinoplasty, also commonly referred to as a nose job or nose surgery, involves reshaping the bone and cartilage of the nose. Based in Perth, Dr. Chris Allen and his team work with patients to transform the appearance of their nose for aesthetic and functional purposes. Ideal candidates for rhinoplasty include:

  • Patients who are unhappy with the size or shape of their nose
  • Patients with a hump on the bridge of their nose
  • Patients with a widened nose
  • Patients who dislike the shape of the tip of their nose
  • Patients with a deformed or crooked nose due to injuries
  • Patients who experience difficulty breathing through the nose


The procedure takes between one and three hours and is completed under general anaesthesia. The skin of the nose is lifted and underlying bone and cartilage is shaped. Incisions are located inside the nostrils and usually across the columella (the thin strip of skin between nostrils). Incisions are sutured with both dissolvable and nylon sutures that are removed after six days. Soft nasal packs are generally placed in your nostrils and a plastic splint is applied to the nose to maintain shape.


You’re able to return home the next day, following the removal of the nasal packs. The nasal splint and sutures are removed after one week.

Most patients experience minimal pain controlled by medications that generally disappears the next day. Bruising increases for the first few days, particularly around the eyes, but is usually gone by ten to fourteen days.

You’re able to resume light activities within the first week and most normal activities by the third. You should expect to take one to two weeks off work for proper recovery.


After rhinoplasty, you’ll find that your nose is smaller, the bridge is straighter and your nasal tip is better defined. You’ll feel more confident and comfortable with your appearance due to a nose that’s better proportioned to your face.

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