Neck Lift Procedures


Neck lift surgery can dramatically reduce the appearance of sagging, loose and excess skin around the neck. Based in Perth, Dr. Chris Allen and his team provide neck lift surgery on its own or as part of a face lift. Ideal candidates include:

  • Patients with loose or sagging skin around the neck due to weight loss or ageing
  • Patients with excess fat in the neck
  • Patients with a double chin
  • Patients with a ‘turkey gobbler’ neck


The procedure typically begins with a general anaesthesia monitored by a specialised anaesthesiologist. Several options for neck lift procedures exist, allowing you to customise your procedure to suit your desired result. Neck lifts are usually part of a standard face lift surgery, where muscles of the neck are tightened, excess fat is removed and skin is re-draped to the enhanced contour of the neck. Neck lift procedures include:

  • Liposuction of fat
  • Excision of submental (neck) fat and tightening of muscles
  • Mini or short scar face lifts
  • Full face lifts


After your neck lift surgery, you can generally return home and shower the next day. Pain is minimal and controllable by medication. Some minor bruising and swelling may occur, however this generally disappears by seven to ten days after your surgery. Remaining sutures are removed one week after your surgery and your recovery is assessed. You’re able to raise any concerns or questions with Dr Chris Allen and his team at any stage during your recovery.


Neck lift surgery is an effective solution for eliminating a lax, sagging neck as a consequence of weight loss or ageing. By reducing and removing fat and excess skin, neck surgery results in a more youthful and brighter appearance that compliments the rest of your facial features.

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