Breast Lift with Implants


Breast lifts can have a dramatic effect on the appearance and feel of your breasts. Dr. Chris Allen and his team offer breast lift surgery with or without breast implants. Ideal patients include:

  • Patients with sagging breasts and loose, stretched skin
  • Patients who have experienced a loss of upper breast fullness and firmness
  • Patients with nipples that point downwards or are situated below the breast crease
  • Patients with large nipples and areolae
  • Patients who desire a firmer, more youthful and lifted appearance


The surgery begins by administering a general anaesthesia for the duration of the procedure – approximately 2-3 hours. Incisions are made depending on the size and contour of the breasts. Incisions are usually located around the areolae in a vertical line, extending down from the nipple. An incision may also be made along the lower breast crease.

Excess skin is removed and the breast gland is lifted to a higher position on the chest wall. The nipples and areolae may be reduced in diameter and also lifted to a higher position. Soft, small drains may be used to remove excess fluid. Incisions are then sutured with buried dissolvable sutures.

For upper fullness and an increase in size, implants may be inserted during the procedure. Dr Chris Allen uses cohesive gel implants in round or anatomical (teardrop) shapes. Implants may have a smooth or rough (textured surface). The breast implants are inserted into a pocket either directly under the breast on top of the muscle, or under the muscle.


You will generally stay in the hospital overnight and return home the following day. You’re able to shower over your dressings comfortably. Most patients experience mild pain for the first few days, easily controlled by medication. Swelling may be mild to moderate for the first week, after which it disappears. You can expect very mild or minimal bruising that disappears on its own.

For most patients, many activities can be resumed within the first week. Most activities can be completed comfortably within three weeks. With breast lift procedures, all sutures are dissolvable.


After your breast lift with implants, you’ll find that your breasts appear fuller and more elevated. You’ll also find that your breasts have enhanced upper fullness for an improved shape.

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