Breast Implant Revision


Dr Chris Allen has extensive experience and regularly assesses problems associated with previous breast implants.  He performs the appropriate revisional surgery to achieve better looking breasts.

Candidates for revisional surgery include:

  • Ruptured implants
  • Capsular contracture (firmness or hardening around implants)
  • Poor shape or asymmetry
  • Rippling or wrinkling
  • Sagging of breasts
  • Inadequate upper fullness or cleavage
  • Too big or too small.


Revision breast procedures are performed under general anaesthetic.  Usually, incisions are made using the previous scars.  The old implants are removed and the internal capsule is assessed.  The pocket is washed clean with saline and antibiotics and reshaped to better suit the new implants.  The new implants inserted are the latest medical grade gel implants.  The wound is closed with buried dissolvable sutures.


A bra will be fitted which is worn day and night.  You will be able to shower over the dressings.  Mild to moderate pain is readily controlled by medication.  Swelling is usually mild and settles within a few weeks.  Most normal activities are able to be resumed after two weeks; after which most patients can return to work.  The dressing will be changed one week after the surgery.


The aim is to remove and/or replace the old implants and to improve the shape of the breasts to make them feel softer and appear more natural looking.  Breast revision surgery may be partially covered by Medicare and a patient’s health fund.

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