Breast Implant Revision Surgery


  • Breasts that are too large in proportion to your body frame.
  • Enlarged, heavy, sagging breasts often associated with neck, back or shoulder pain and shoulder grooves from tight bra straps.
  • Large nipples and areolae that point downwards below the breast crease.
  • Desire for more comfortable, less painful breasts and better fit into clothing.
  • Restriction of physical activities due to size and weight of breasts.
  • Dissatisfaction or self-conscious about the large size of your breasts.


  • General anaesthesia is used and the surgery takes about three to four hours.
  • Incisions depend on the size and contour of the breasts. Usually two to three incisions are made. One incision is around the areola, another runs vertically from the areola to the crease underneath the breast, a third incision may also be used and this follows the curve of the breast crease (an inverted “T” incision).
  • Excess skin and breast tissue are removed.
  • The nipples and areolae are elevated to a higher position and sometimes reduced in diameter.
  • The incisions are sutured with buried, dissolving sutures.
  • Soft, small drains are used for the first two days to remove excess fluid.


  • You can go home after one to two days.
  • You can shower on the second day after breast reduction surgery.
  • Mild pain for the first two days that is mostly gone by the third day and easily controlled by medications.
  • You will feel a little groggy for the first two days and tired for about ten days.
  • Swelling is mild to moderate for the first week, after which it disappears.
  • Usually only very mild or no bruising.
  • Breasts take approximately four weeks to settle into a normal rounded shape and position.
  • Resume many activities within the first week and most activities by at least three weeks.
  • No sutures to remove as they are all dissolvable.
  • Off work for approximately one to two weeks.


  • Reduces the weight of heavy breasts and relieves neck, back and shoulder ache.
  • Elevated breasts which are in proportion to the rest of the body.
  • Better appearance and fit into clothing.
  • Ability to exercise and engage in strenuous activities much more comfortably.
  • Natural appearance that improves over the next three months.
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