Breast Enlargement (Augmentation)


One of Perth’s most experienced plastic surgeons, Dr. Chris Allen and his team offer breast augmentation surgery for a number of clients. Ideal candidates include:

  • Patients with small, uneven or asymmetric breasts
  • Patients with sagging or deflated breasts; a common occurrence after pregnancy
  • Patients with breasts that are smaller or disproportionate to the rest of the body
  • Patients who desire to increase their breast size to fit better in clothing and enhance self confidence


Breast augmentation procedures begin with a general anaesthetic monitored by a specialised anaesthetist. The surgery generally takes around one and a half hours. Depending on your procedure, Dr. Chris Allen begins by carefully making incisions in the crease below the breast, near the armpit or around the nipple.

Round or anatomical (teardrop) cohesive gel implants, with either smooth or rough (textured surfaces) are used. Implants are inserted into a pocket directly under the breast on top or underneath the muscle. Wounds are sutured with dissolving sutures and are covered with tape. Usually a small, soft drain tube is inserted for one to two days.


Following breast augmentation surgery, you can generally head home the same or next day. You’re able to shower over the dressings comfortably. Most patients experience moderate pain for the first two days, though pain usually subsides by the third day. Pain is easily controlled by readily available medications.

Mild to moderate swelling and bruises are common for the first week. Swelling and bruising rapidly disappears in the weeks following surgery. Immediately after your surgery, and for the next few weeks, breast implants may appear high on the chest. After swelling has subsided, the implants will settle into the desired position and contour.

After swelling and bruising has begun to subside, typically after one week, you can resume many normal activities. After your third week, you should be able to resume most activities. Dr. Chris Allen recommends taking one to two weeks off work to allow for proper healing and recovery.

One week after your surgery, you’re required to have your dressings changed. Your recovery will be assessed and you’ll be able to raise any questions you may have. Dr. Chris Allen’s team is also on hand to provide advice, support and recommendations throughout your entire recovery process.


Dr. Chris Allen and his team pride themselves on producing natural results that suit your physique. Utilizing gel implants, breasts feel soft and natural to the touch. After your breast augmentation surgery, you can expect breasts that appear fuller and more balanced in proportion to your body.

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