Breast Asymmetry


Breast asymmetry can be corrected with a number of plastic surgery procedures, including breast augmentation and reduction. Practicing in Perth, Dr Chris Allen provides solutions for patients experiencing self consciousness or concerns due to breast asymmetry. Patients with breast asymmetry concerns may choose to simply have their breasts balanced in appearance or may opt to undergo additional procedures to achieve their desired results. Ideal patients include:

  • Women with asymmetric breasts due to failure of development or the presence of tuberous breasts
  • Women with one breast larger than the other


Your type of breast asymmetry surgery will depend on your concerns and your desired result. Breast augmentation (enlargement) can be performed on one breast, increasing its size to match the other. Breast reduction can also be performed to reduce the larger of two breasts. Breast uplifting may also be performed on one or both breasts to enhance the overall shape and appearance.

Surgery for breast asymmetry is performed under general anaesthesia, monitored by an anaesthesia specialist, with most procedures generally taking between two to three hours.


After your breast asymmetry surgery, you may need to remain in hospital overnight. You can generally return home on the following day with minimal to mild pain easily controllable with medication. Many patients find that they are able to return to work within one or two weeks. We recommend avoiding intense exercise and strenuous activity for around four weeks after your surgery in order to allow for proper healing and recovery.


Following your breast asymmetry surgery – corrected by a breast augmentation, reduction and sometimes uplift – you’ll find that your breasts are more similar in size and shape. Clothing and undergarments will fit better due to an improved and more balanced appearance. Women often report enhanced self esteem and self confidence, resolving concerns and dissatisfaction with previous breast asymmetry.

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