Thigh / Buttock Lift


Achieve a youthful and toned appearance with thigh lift and buttock lift plastic surgery. Practicing in Perth, Dr. Chris Allen helps patients obtain their desired results. Ideal candidates include:

  • Patients with overhanging, excess and loose skin, usually in the inner thigh
  • Patients who have experienced significant weight loss


Taking around two hours, a thigh lift and buttock lift is carried out under general anaesthesia. An incision for inner thigh lifts is made in the groin, beneath the bikini line. The incision has a tendency to stretch slightly. Procedures may involve the liposuction of any excess fat in the thighs and legs, followed by the removal of excess skin high up in the groin. Outer thigh lifts are often combined with other skin tightening procedures, including a tummy tuck or body lift, for a more balanced appearance.

Skin excisions are sutured with buried dissolving sutures and small, soft drains are used for approximately two days. You’re required to wear a light compression garment for several weeks in order for a smooth recovery.


You’re able to return home the next day and shower on the second or third – after the drains are removed. Pain is minimal and generally disappears by the second or third day. You should expect mild to moderate swelling and bruising, usually disappearing fully after two weeks.

As sutures are buried, they dissolve on their own and don’t require removal. You’re able to resume many light activities within the first week and most by three to four weeks after your surgery. We recommend taking around one to two weeks off work for a smoother and more comfortable recovery process.


Following your surgery, you’ll find that your inner and outer thighs appear tighter and with a more desirable contour. Buttocks appear lifted, fuller and smoother. You’ll feel more confident and comfortable in clothing – especially fitted pants, jeans and active wear.

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