The Dangers of Plastic Surgery Holidays

Apr 24, 2018

Holidays are a great time to rest and enjoy some relaxation, but for those always striving to look their best and go the extra mile, they can also be an opportunity for a mammoth makeover. Whether it’s a tummy tuck in an exotic Asian destination or breast augmentation in South America, this marriage between vacation and surgical procedure is known as ‘medical tourism’.


Crucial Caveat to Medical Tourism

The cheaper procedure prices, glamourous locations and excitement of recovering in a hotel rather than a hospital bed make it quite the attractive package to many. But before taking the leap, it’s important to remember that there are safer choices, and combining serious elective surgery with unfamiliar foreign locations can have severe consequences – physically, emotionally and financially.

Dr. Chris Allen has repaired the results of many unsatisfactory procedures, where complications have occurred, the aftermath of rushed overseas surgeries that have not provided a sufficient level care or post-surgery follow up. He has assisted numerous patients through the process having to correct breast augments, tummy tucks, and other invasive procedures which have gone awry.

Like any medical operation, plastic surgery carries a risk of complications, but the harsh reality is that this is far more likely if price or location are determining factors over the best doctor for the job. Whilst cosmetic travel agents offer an array of destination packages, different countries adhere to different medical protocols, and the choice of doctor is often out of a patient’s hands. This is a formidable error – communication between doctor and patient prior to surgery is crucial, and ensures the patient has had ample time to discuss their desired results and select their preferred style and size of implants (if appropriate). Meeting your doctor on the day of your surgery neglects and disregards this process, often forcing you to make medical decisions on the spot.

This lack of consideration can lead to surgical complications, particularly if any pre-existing health conditions aren’t discussed. The result? More medical bills and further invasive surgeries if you require correctional work back in Australia. Generally speaking, plastic surgery holidays are most commonly sought after for breast augmentations and lifts, liposuction, and tummy tuck, all of which are very invasive. If performed incorrectly, they can leave patients permanently scarred or disfigured.

In previous years, patients were influenced by celebrities sporting the “fake look” and wanting obvious implants. This style often suited the procedures offered internationally, requiring less preparation. In recent years, trends have evolved to favour a more natural look, demanding that doctors have through understanding of a patient’s body and goals. In 2016 alone, Dr. Allen operated on numerous patients who suffered bad scarring around the nipple as a result of having their breasts lifted in a foreign country.


Choosing Plastic Surgeons

Dr. Allen is bound by strict regulations enforced by Government regulated bodies, e.g. the Medical Board, the Australian Medical Association and Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons, and all materials used in his implants undergo rigorous testing via the Therapeutic Goods Administration. Whilst it may not sound as sexy as recuperating ‘on a beach’, every possible measure is put in place to ensure the utmost patient care, before, during and post-procedure, to patients their dream results. Dr. Chris Allen and his staff pride themselves on their compassionate nature, assuring patients leaving the hospital feeling and looking better than ever.

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