Breast Augmentation Recovery Timeline: What to Expect After Cosmetic Surgery

The decision to undergo breast augmentation surgery is entirely personal and up to each individual. As every person’s motivation is unique, no two surgeries are ever the same. Dr. Chris Allen – Perth’s experienced plastic surgeon – and his team provide high quality breast augmentation procedures for patients throughout WA. Emphasising natural and realistic results while taking your desired appearance into consideration, we craft results that look balanced and suited to your frame. From your initial consultation through to your final visit, Dr. Chris Allen conducts all consultations to ensure a high level of care for every patient.

Find out more about breast augmentation procedures with Dr. Chris Allen what to expect in your breast augmentation recovery.


Immediately After Your Breast Augmentation

Immediately after your breast augmentation surgery, a dressing will be applied to aid in more comfortable and quick recovery and a surgical elastic bra is fitted to support the new breasts.


Eight Hours After Your Breast Augmentation

Eight hours after your breast augmentation surgery, you may begin to feel mild pain and discomfort. During this time, you’ll be provided with pain medication to manage and minimise your pain.


The Next Day

The day after your breast augmentation, you’ll normally be discharged and able to return to the comfort of your own home. We strongly recommend resting and following the postoperative care and pain management techniques given to you by your surgeon. Expect to take it easy and relax at home. Remember to eat healthy meals and stay hydrated to support your recovery.


After a Week

A week after your breast augmentation surgery, you will be reviewed by your surgeon to check on the progress of your recovery and the appearance of your breasts. The dressings will be changed. No sutures are required to be removed, as they are buried and dissolve.  Mr Allen aand his nurse will provide additional information on further recovery. Expect to make an appointment for your next postoperative visit.


Five to Six Weeks Later

After five to six weeks, you’re likely to be feeling almost completely recovered. You can generally recommence all activities – including exercise – as normal and shouldn’t be feeling any limiting pain or discomfort. Expect to return for another postoperative visit to discuss your progress and any concerns. You’ll also schedule your last postoperative visit for a couple of months later. 


Three to Four Months After

Three to four months after your breast augmentation, your breasts will have settled into the new position and shape. Your scars will have dramatically faded and – as Dr. Chris Allen’s incision scars are in the inframammary fold – may be unnoticeable. Expect to visit your surgeon for your final postoperative visit to discuss your recovery and to take some postoperative photos.


Select an Experienced Plastic Surgeon

Cosmetic surgery is never as simple as generic procedures with standard instructions; each patient deserves and requires a personalised approach. Dr. Chris Allen and his team understand that breast augmentation procedures involve precision, expertise and an in-depth understanding of your body’s frame, your desired outcome and realistic results. There will be a number of follow-up appointments with our patients to ensure a smooth and comfortable recovery with minimal discomfort and complications.

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